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Bruno Aouizerate

Last update Tuesday 14 December 2021

NutriNeuro, University of Bordeaux – INRAe, France

Bruno Aouizerate

Bruno AOUIZERATE is professor of Psychiatry at the University of Bordeaux (France). He is head of the regional reference center for the management and treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders that was created in 2013 and hosted within Charles Perrens Hospital of Bordeaux. He is recognized as a national and international expert in the diagnosis, clinical assessment and treatment of major depression and comorbid anxiety disorders. In agreement with an early expertise acquired in neuroendocrinology during its PhD training, with a particular interest devoted to the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis function implicated in the regulation of immune processes, B. Aouizerate has joined the so-called research team “Nutrition and psychoneuroimmunology” directed by Dr. Lucile Capuron within the laboratory NutriNeuro (INRAE UMR 1286) of Bordeaux. He is an active member working in close collaboration with L. Capuron on the role of immune-inflammatory mechanisms in brain monoamine abnormalities, symptom dimensions, and failure of standard antidepressants in major depression. Regarding the focus on nutritional aspects within our INRAE research unit, he is particularly interested in the development and use of innovative and adjunctive dietary supplements to compensate the deleterious effects of inflammation on brain function, and therefore alleviate clinical symptoms in major depression. B. Aouizerate has coordinated or participated in a large number of clinical studies receiving funding from PHRC, FRM, INSERM, CNRS/CHU, LabEx Brain, etc. Given its high-level experience in clinical and integrative neuroscience, he ensures the coordination of the research axis “Psychiatry” within the FHU named “Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Neurological, Psychiatric, Metabolic and Sleep Disorders”.

Beyond a significant research activity,B. Aouizerateis, in parallel, a clinician specifically engaged in the systematic and comprehensive evaluation and management of severely anxious and/or depressed subjects in daily practice. In this context, he occupies the position of coordinator of the French network of the expert centers for resistant depression which consists of 13 specialized care/research centers that are widely distributed throughout the national territory, and involved in the implementation and follow-up of a large cohort of treatment-resistant depressed patients in direct relation with the Fondation FondaMental led by Prof. Marion Leboyer. Finally, B. Aouizeratehas a heavy teaching activity for medical students and young neuroscientists (Masters 1 and 2) and is also in charge of the local and regional coordination of the Psychiatry residency program at the University of Bordeaux.

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