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Université de Bordeaux

Why choose us?

A hub for psychoneuroimmunology and immunopsychiatry

The concept that immune system alterations play a major role in the development of neuropsychiatric symptoms emerged in Bordeaux thanks to the pioneering work of Robert Dantzer and Lucile Capuron on depression, in the field of psychoneuroimmunology.

This notion was then extended and applied to the etiopathogeny of multiple psychiatric disorders and was disseminated throughout France by Marion Leboyer, leading to several important discoveries in the field of immunopsychiatry, notably auto-immune psychosis with Laurent Groc (Bordeaux), immuno-genetic background with Ryad Tamouza (Paris), and inflammatory signatures with Nicolas Glaichenhaus (Nice). 

A cluster of excellence in neurosciences

Bordeaux is not only a magnificent city, but also an internationally renowned campus for its excellence in neuroscience research. Bordeaux Neurocampus is recognised as one of the strongholds of the field on the international scene. It includes over 50 pluridisciplinary research teams and 700 scientists studying brain function and its pathologies, from the molecular level to patient care.